My 1000S had so far survived five dyno runs, the first one was at 46.000km after the first modificatons took place. Another ignition (Silent Hektik), dual-firing and the camshaft should be mentioned as main things, which were built in. The diference to the second one was, that the Piranha ignition has replaced the Silent Hektik. The "Serie" curve shows the original power a stock LM IV engine (big valves, PHF40) typically has. Above these curves there are two readings, which were made just after the "big change" with big bore 95mm kit and the 7905 camshaft from Dynotec in the winter of 1999. The difference between the two is only a diffent set of headers, it is with my 48mm headers and II with the 42mm, I have mounted at the moment.
Torque Diagram

It is very obvious, that the first two readings doesn't show the torque valley of the SERIE curve, it was elminated by the camshaft 7006 from Dynotec. The very good torque behaviour in the lower range is due to the big 48mm headers. It is easy to recognize, that the more simple ignition (Piranha) lose some power against the high tech Silent Hektik. In all-day-riding you don't realize this, you only recognize the more spontanious response of the engine.

The black curve I did only to see what is left after 200.000km, and you can see, there is still a lot. It has lost upper range power, but from the pure max. readings it has only lost 1PS/Nm, which is nearly the tolerance. Why the 202.500km curve is in the lower to mid range better than the 70.000km curve, I can only guess. Perhaps the Lafranconi Competitione tail pipes have an positive effect, the only other change were the carb sliders, which have been changed from 50 to 60.

The mountains above these curves are the result of quite high money transfer in the winter of 99. Both readings were done with Lafraconi Competitione mufflers, 95mm set of pistons and 7906 camshaft from Dynotec. The dual-firing , the Piranha and the airbox remained untouched. The run I was done with my old 48mm headers, and I was quite disappointed with the result, considering the money input. The maximum was 91PS with 104Nm torque, I expected more. This was only 10PS more than before with original displacement. For testing we built in the 42mm headers with an extra crossover, and without any other change, the engine gained 6PS and 7Nm, which ended up in a result of 97PS at 6680 1/min and a torque of increadible 111Nm at 5420 1/min, while there are always more than 90Nm over 2500 1/min. Especially in the top range of 7000 rpm and more, there is a difference of max. more than 10PS, which will probably help to me reach my personal target of going in upright sitting position 8000 rpm. With the old 48mm headers it wasn't even in the new constelation possible, to get more than 7000 rpm in final gear, I hope that changes now. By the way, 1000 rpm are 28,6km/h, do the calculation on your own.