Changing the timing chain of a big Guzzi engine

This will be an instruction, how to change the timing chain of a big Guzzi engine. Considering the engine still in the frame it is usually only  necessary to remove the long front engine bolt. On flat floor it is even not necessary to remove the oil out of the engine, because the oil pan is deep enough. So take the speedo cable off and get ready, hopefully with a soft cushion under your ass.

If you change the timing chain, I recommend a better than the original tensioner, which is not really a tensioner but more a placeholder for one. There is a really good tensioner available with a spring preloaded plastic guide, which gives your engine accurate ignition timing and stabile idle. In Germany it is called Stucci tensioner. Besides this you need as spare parts:

You will need these tools:

The last preparation should be to turn the engine in left TDC position. Take your time and follow the instructions:

If you now want to continue to take out the camshaft, you have first to take off both cylinders. Then you would be able to check the camshaft surface. If you only want to change the chain and the tensioner, you can do as follows:
this is the way
          it has to look


Eric Koch, 1999